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Watch services online

An update on live-streaming at Coventry Cathedral

It has been agreed that whilst we will continue to livestream Morning Prayer and Holy Communion, and the daily Litany of Reconciliation, we will not, at least for the time being, stream any other services. We have not arrived at this decision lightly, but have taken the time to think this through carefully and prayerfully. We know that some people will find this decision difficult, and we are mindful of you.

There are several factors that have led us to making this decision, including concerns about how the sound of our musicians, in particular, is transmitted through the live stream. Unfortunately - and this is perhaps related to our sound system, to which we are giving urgent attention - the quality of the transmission of the sound is not what we would wish it to be, and this has a negative impact on the reputation of our wonderful choirs and talented musicians.
Live-streaming major services also means that our vergers are taken from the floor of the Cathedral, and from their ceremonial role, and we very much want to recover the vergers’ public role in worship.

For these reasons, we have decided to focus our attention on resolving the challenges with the sound system. When the sound in the building itself is excellent, we will then return to the question of whether we resume live-streaming choral services or not.

The suspension of live-streaming Sunday and festival services takes effect from 3rd December, Advent Sunday 2023.


Online services

We live-stream the following services:

- The 8.30 am Morning Prayer with Holy Communion (every weekday);
- Midday prayers with the Litany of Reconciliation at 12 noon daily (followed by Holy Communion on Thursday);

You can check the calendar below if you are unsure which services are taking place today.

You can watch our live-stream services on Facebook here, or catch up with them if you missed them live.

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