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Endowment for Coventry Cathedral

Securing and Sustaining the Future of Coventry Cathedral

“Coventry Cathedral is known across the world for its transforming commitment to peace and reconciliation - a commitment expressed through its history of peace making in the aftermath of Coventry Blitz in 1940. The Cathedral is also a national treasure in the United Kingdom, voted as the nation's favourite twentieth century building, communicating hope through its extraordinary and award winning art and architecture. Our task now is to secure that inspiring message and work of reconciliation for future generations. It is a real challenge, but I hope this will help you to see your own role, large or small, in the remarkable and enduring story of Coventry Cathedral.”
— The Very Reverend John Witcombe, Dean of Coventry

What do we mean by an Endowment?

An Endowment is a source of security - a solid foundation from which we can grow

An endowment is made up of donations and other gifts invested in a way that produces consistent income to support our mission, heritage and secure our future.

The most important thing to understand is that the value of the original gift (the principal) is protected. It cannot be spent, or disposed of, no matter how pressing or immediate the need. This protection is set within a legal framework to respect the wishes of donors. Part of the investment return is drawn each year, while any remainder is added to the principal for growth.

By continually growing from one generation to the next, an endowment is one of the most lasting and powerful resources to which a donor can contribute. Endowments build the solid financial foundations necessary to enable the Cathedral's long-term plans to be realised. It should be seen as a safe investment, which allows the Cathedral to act with confidence.

Why do we need to significantly increase our Endowment Funds?

Growing our endowment will help to rebalance the Cathedral's mix of income and reduce our dependence on less reliable income streams. For example, monetary pressures in recent years have led to the cancellation and deferring of maintenance - often only the minimum work being completed. A dedicated endowment would overcome this record of under-investment and sustain our outreach work amongst this and future generations, locally and across the world.

We believe that the future generations deserve to share in this unique heritage. While the Cathedral will always have the need for ongoing support, an endowment also helps to underwrite special programmes and projects in the longer term.

The Endowment Options

Unrestricted gifts would be of the greatest benefit, as they give us maximum flexibility to meet our changing needs, but restricted gifts are also welcome. The Cathedral is committed to using such donations in accordance with the donor's wishes. Our range of special endowment funds include:

  • General

Income from this fund will ensure we can continue to meet the challenges and expectations of a fully-functioning cathedral in the 21st century. It will allow us to cope with occasional emergencies and help the Cathedral to respond to emerging needs and opportunities.

  • Property

Income from this fund will assist with the small team of professionals who work to promote the preservation of the Cathedral estate. There is a schedule of works, which includes the implementation of the planned maintenance programme and the ongoing restoration and development of the Cathedral and its surrounding buildings and grounds.

  • Reconciliation

Our vision and goals for reconciliation remain truly fundamental to the future of the Cathedral and its work. We need to build on our heritage and our internationally recognised role in bringing about reconciliation. Our goal is to become a leading centre for the thinking, theology and practice of reconciliation. Income from this fund would help us do this, so that our timeless message of forgiveness and hope continues to resonate around the world.

  • Music

Income from this fund will help to maintain the highest musical standards for all to enjoy, including support for the magnificent and world-famous organ built by Harrison & Harrison. The Cathedral provides choristers (regardless of background or financial circumstance) both boys and girls, with a first class education in voice technique and in reading music, through regular choir practice and individual and group music lessons.

How will the funds be managed?

The Cathedral endowment is managed by a professional fund manager guided by a clear set of ethical investment guidelines. Financial reporting on the endowment fund is always included each year in the Cathedral's audited annual report and accounts.

For more information regarding our Endowment Fund, please contact: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Contributing to Coventry Cathedral's endowment fund will provide longevity and security to an international beacon of hope and reconciliation.

Please remember that an endowment fund will:

  • Provide a safe haven for donor investments including windfall receipts.
  • Sustain the Cathedral's vital contribution to civic and public life.
  • Offer greater flexibility for the Cathedral to address new and emerging issues.
  • Spread popular knowledge and understanding of the Cathedral's message of reconciliation.
  • Reduce the uncertainty and financial exposure associated with annual fundraising.

If you would like to help us sustain the Cathedral's work by donating to our endowment fund, please follow the link below or email and we would be happy to assist you.

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