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Broken Angel

Reimagining a missing window

In January 2020, ‘The Angel of the Eternal Gospel’, the panel of the West Screen adjacent to the ‘south’ door, was shattered beyond repair in an act of vandalism. The Cathedral decided that, as the original was impossible to restore, the best immediate response would be to invite new work by artists. The artists might be familiar with Cathedral or completely new to it, but excited by the idea of offering a fresh response to the story of the ‘ Broken Angel’.

The West Screen is a fundamental element of Basil Spence’s conception of the rebuilt Coventry Cathedral. It provides a clear wall from which we look out from the nave to the ruined wall of the old Cathedral, and look in from outside towards the new altar and Graham Sutherland’s great tapestry, showing ‘Christ in Glory’.

The original will be consolidated and eventually returned to display in a partial restoration. A full-size drawing study, donated by the artist’s widow, Marigold Hutton, shortly before she died in 2021 will also be restored for display.

Mike Tooby is Advisory Curator for the Broken Angel project, alongside the Cathedral's own arts and events team.

Anne Petters : Lichtung – Break / Lichtung- White Drift

November 6 2021 - 1 February 2022.

Anne Petters’ was the first artist to make new work in the series Broken Angel. She made two related works. Lichtung / Break occupied the empty window space. Lichtung / White Drift was located nearby. ‘Lichtung’ is a German word that is impossible to translate exactly. It is often translated as 'clearing', but its root is 'Licht', the word for 'light'. This suggests bringing light to a space - including as a result of a destructive act.

To find out more about Anne's work at Coventry Cathedral CLICK HERE

Broken Angel: Barbara Walker

March 3rd - June 12th 2022.

Barbara was the second artist commissioned as part of the Broken Angel project.

Barbara began developing the ideas for her work in the Broken Angel project over the winter of 2020-21. During the pandemic, she was acutely conscious of her immediate family, from whom she was, like so many of us, isolated for long periods. As an artist she wished to address the ways we were responding to isolation, loss, being unable to touch and hold each other; but also how we found comfort through finding connection and love.

To find out more about Barbara's work CLICK HERE.

Broken Angel: Abigail Reynolds

24th October 2022 - 20th February 2023

Between’ was a free-standing sculpture set against the window where the Angel of the Eternal Gospel once was. Its door-like form was tall and fragile, and itself broken into pieces. Tinted and textured glass, including mid-century Pilkington’s glass, it captured the changing light and responded to the work in glass made for the Cathedral’s inauguration in 1962.

To find out more about Abigail's work CLICK HERE

Broken Angel: Martin Green

September 2023

Shadow House was both a ‘coda’ to the three ‘Broken Angel’ commissions, and a contrasting indicator of how visual artists may respond to the life and environment of the Cathedral now and in the future.

To find out more about Martin's work CLICK HERE

Coventry Young Carers

The Coventry Young Carers group have been involved throughout the Broken Angel project. Taking part in a series of workshops, they considered the role of curators as carers for history and exhibitions, and the care needed within the Broken Angel installation.

The group were part of the team that helped the Cathedral pick each of the artists as well as ensure that each commissioned work embodied the aims and objectives of the project.

Broken Angel: Recclesia

In June 2023, specialist conservators from Recclesia Stained Glass were called in to undertake the painstaking conservation and repair work required to John Hutton’s glass artwork.

Click here to find out more about the Broken Angels' conservation journey.

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