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Coventry Cathedral is a historic and culturally significant building that has much to offer its visitors. However, it is not just a building, but a community that provides a wealth of opportunities to those who engage with it. By supporting the Cathedral, you can help to ensure that thousands of people are able to benefit from all that it has to offer for generations to come.

One of the primary ways that the Cathedral contributes to the community is through its religious services. These provide a space for people to come together and worship, as well as offering spiritual guidance and support. Additionally, the Cathedral hosts a variety of cultural events, from concerts to exhibitions, to community events that bring people together to celebrate and appreciate the arts.

By supporting the Cathedral, you can help to ensure that these programs are able to continue and grow. Coventry Cathedral is a vital part of our community, and by supporting it, you can play an important role in enabling thousands of people worldwide to continue to benefit from its many offerings.

Find out about our fundraising campaigns below or if you would like to speak with our Fundraising Team directly on ways you would like to support please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Our current campaigns

Organ Appeal - Resounding Hope

Built in 1962, the Harrison & Harrison organ is judged to be of outstanding national significance and was awarded a British Institute of Organ Studies Grade I Historic Organs Certificate in 2013. The architect of the New Cathedral, Sir Basil Spence himself designed the façade of the organ, making it an intrinsic part of the architecture and cathedral building. The organ is at the heart of the community of Coventry Cathedral and we need your help to preserve our 'best in the world' organ. Recently, the organ has been showing significant signs of fatigue, with many parts wearing away or broken due to age, and we now need to raise funds to help refurbish the organ for generations to come.

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Challenge Events

Could you see yourself taking on a new personal challenge, or with friends, and raising funds through sponsorship? A challenge event might just be for you!

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Limited edition Graham Sutherland prints

Limited edition prints of Graham Sutherland's Christ in Glory (In the Tetramorph) are now on sale through Goldmark Gallery, helping to raise funds for the Cathedral.

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Coventry's Cathedral Raising Fund's Group

The Fundraising Team at the Coventry Cathedral is looking for people to come together and join a new fundraising group to meet regularly and chat over a cup of tea or coffee on how you can raise extra funds to support the Cathedral. There'll be a lot to chat about! Types of activities you may want to do, get involved with, and deliver as a group: Delivering an event such as a 'Flower Festival' at the old CathedralMake Crafts for a craft stall and sell them at craft fairs Hold a coffee morning in the Cathedral inviting visitors to donate for a cup of tea or coffee.Come together and produce a yearly fundraising activity.You will be guided by the Fundraising Lead, Mandy Spraggett. Your group will have the ideas and deliver them to achieve extra funds to preserve the Cathedral's heritage and history for future generations to enjoy. This will be a new group, so if you or a couple of friends would like to come together for fun, activities, whilst make a difference to our heritage please get in touch with: Mandy Spraggett on

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John Hutton Cartoon Appeal

Thanks to everyone's generous donations we've reached our target!

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