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Road Closures

Coventry Cathedral is located at the heart of Coventry, and as such there may be times when events in the city centre mean that vehicular access to the Cathedral is temporarily restricted or withdrawn completely.

On this page you can find details of any upcoming road closures that the Cathedral has been given advance notice of.

We also recommend checking Coventry City Council's Roadworks page where you will find real-time information about roadworks, road closures, and live incidents, as well as a list of planned future roadworks. You can also find out more about real-time traffic issues at the AA website.

Upcoming Road Closures

Sunday 19th May 2024 - Little Park Street and Salt Lane will be closed between 07.30 and 16.00, due to resurfacing.

MotoFest - 1st/2nd June 2024

The 10th anniversary of MotoFest takes place over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June, resulting in various road closures which could impact access to the Cathedral. The following information is taken directly from the MotoFest website - click here for more information.

Ring Road clockwise J4 – 7 (main carriageway: London Road to Butts Rd/Croft Rd)
Ring Road anticlockwise J7 – 4 (main carriageway: Butts Rd/Croft Rd to London Road)
All Ring Road entry / exit slip roads, Ring Road J5 (Mile Lane / Little Park Street)
All Ring Road entry / exit slip roads, Ring Road J6 (Friargate / Warwick Road/Manor House Drive) but access to / from train station and Central 6 from and Warwick Road (inbound) will be maintained.

Ring Road J7 (Butts Road / Croft Road & SkyDome) Air Quality works at J7 are continuing. There may be local diversions in operation.

Warwick Road, both directions from Eaton Road/Central 6 junction to the junction of New Union Street and Greyfriars Lane (The Wave). Access to Greyfriars Lane & Barracks Car Park will be maintained from Police Station side of New Union Street.

Manor Road no access to Ring Road.

Short Street (J4), in its entirety, access for residents only from Parkside.

Contra-flow for traffic heading inbound on London Road, which will be unable to join Ring Road clockwise at J4; Instead it will be fed via the contra-flow onto the anticlockwise carriageway.

Hales Street in front of Old Fire Station (Millennium Place)

If you have any queries about road closures please get in touch. Thank you for your patience.

Photograph credit Alex Foster.

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