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Pilgrimages and Gatherings

Pilgrimage to Coventry

We encourage all partners and those interested in joining the Community of the Cross of Nails to come to Coventry at least once, if they can, and share in the very special and powerful message that simply coming here and being immersed in its story conveys. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we hold a pilgrimage specifically for this purpose. It’s an occasion for partners, current and aspiring, to come together at Coventry Cathedral for prayer and contemplation, to meet others in the network, to share their stories and experiences, and to learn from and be involved in the work of the Cathedral’s global reconciliation ministry.

Dates for our pilgrimages in 2024 are 21st-24th May and 15th-18th October.

All partners and those wishing to join are very warmly welcomed. The cost to attend is £225 (inc VAT) per person, which covers all lunches, evening dinners and other daytime refreshments for the three days' duration, and all activities on the pilgrimage, but excludes accommodation, breakfast, or travel to and from Coventry.

To register your interest for future pilgrimages, please contact

International Gatherings

We aim to bring together our existing partners, and often some new ones as well, every 3-5 years in Coventry. Typically 60-70 people from around the globe will spend 4-5 days together in discussion, worship and fellowship, and make firm friends along the way!

View the discussion sessions from our May 2023 International Gathering "Making all things new": Reconciliation and the next 60 years on the CCN livestream.

Some of the resources shared / referred to (pdf files):

Canada's road to reconciliation presentation

Canada Reconciliation Resources

CCN update presentation for Gathering May 2023

See below for films used in some of the sessions:

Where can the Community of the Cross of Nails and the environmental movement find common ground for action? Paul Bodenham of Green Christian, and Andii Bowsher, pacifist and chaplain, in conversation.

Reconciliation in a time of conflict part II: A conversation between Dean John Witcombe and the Revd Canon Paul Oestreicher

The Voice we need to hear: reflection by Revd David Coleman, Environmental Chaplain, EcoCongregation Scotland

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