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Events Manifesto

Fit for (our) purpose

Surprise is sometimes expressed at the array of events we welcome to the Cathedral but this seeks to use the space fully, and allow visitors to experience the building in a variety of ways. All of the events align with our manifesto, ensuring that the programme embraces our purpose and aligns with our values.

All of the questions we ask help us evaluate the extent to which an event will help people understand new perspectives, connect with others and highlight all aspects of the Cathedral. Profit is a factor, but only one - and it's not the most important. We look at each proposed event and venue hiring in relation to these points.

  • Quality: is it of a certain artistic quality? Is it brave? Is it helping new work or artists?
  • Transformative: Our cathedral is all about transformations. What transformations might this event create?
  • Celebrating difference: Which communities and voices might this attract? Who might it connect?
  • Brick-by-brick, we belong to Coventry: How does this reflect, appeal and serve the people of Coventry?
  • Profit: We rely on money to run the Cathedral. Will this event contribute?
  • Springboard to other aspects of the Cathedral and our offer: Will this add to our offer to, say, schools, tourists or congregations?

Please don't assume that your event will not be suitable — we'd love to hear from you and to learn all about it. Learn more about holding your event here.

“For gay pride meet up, outside the Cathedral was a safe space”
— Stakeholder interview November 2019
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