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17th July 2023

Dean John Witcombe receives honorary degree from Coventry University

On Monday the 17th July 2023 at Coventry University graduations, Dean John Witcombe of Coventry Cathedral was handed an honorary doctorate for his outstanding commitment to the university and the wider communities.

Dean John Witcombe said:

"I’m delighted to be offered this award. As Dean of Coventry, it’s my primary goal to look after the Cathedral, which is at the heart of the city. And in many ways holds the heart of the city. During my time here I think we have made real strides in welcoming people across the city into the Cathedral and helping them embrace the space.

Growing our relationship with Coventry University, our next-door neighbour here in the centre of this creative, vibrant and diverse city has been incredibly important particularly around our shared values of peace and reconciliation."

Thank you to Coventry University for recognising the Dean's work at Coventry Cathedral.

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