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schools-04Guided tour

Let our guides lead you around both the old and new cathedral on a guided two hour tour on the topic of your choice. All tailored specifically for Key stages 1-4

Choose from our list or topics below:

The Blitz in Coventry. Investigate the ruins, new cathedral and our blitz museum with a recreated 1940’s kitchen, classroom and Anderson shelter. Hear the story of cathedral and the events of the night of the 14th November 1940 and get a feel for what it was like during war time Britain and how people coped during the World War 2, and with the growing challenges of “make do and mend,” rationing and air raids.

Signs and Symbols. Discover the symbols found in both the old and new cathedral and the meanings behind them. Our guides will engage with students to explore what these symbols mean.

Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation. Coventry Cathedral is known all over the world as an international centre for reconciliation. During the tour hear about how we use our own story as an example of the journey taken in from a place of conflict to one of peace and see other example of artwork which shows the process of reconciliation.

Art and Architecture. See the finest collection of 20th century artwork housed in the new and old cathedral. Let our guides engage with your students to interpret the art found in both the old and new cathedral. What are the meanings behind it? What shapes have the artist created? Is there a reason the artist has used that particular material? Also look at how Basil Spence designed the new cathedral and the links he created from the old to new.

Places of Worship. Explore the new cathedral in depths and discover how the feature of the cathedral aid Christians in their worship. Ponder at the question of what is needed to make a building a cathedral. Compare the difference between the old medieval cathedral and the modern new cathedral.

Whole day experience

If you are able to stay for the day let us customise a whole day experience, which includes a guided tour and workshops to either enhance the guided tour or can be a great way of covering another topic.  Our days here for school visits run from 10am till 2.30pm.

Take a look at our Education Booklet 20-21 for more details.

Or contact us for more details by phoning 02476 521 257
or emailing (Head of Education and reconciliation)

or (Cathedral Administrator)

Resourced, teacher-led tour

If you would prefer to guide your pupils around yourself – you may prefer to hire one of our RESOURCE BOXES, which contain maps, activities, worksheets and a crib sheet for teachers.

Non-guided visit

There may be times when it is possible for you to visit the Cathedral without using any of our resources/guides.

It will still be necessary to contact us and book in as the Cathedral is sometimes closed and often there is restricted access.

Virtual Visit

There’s no doubt that bringing children out of the classroom to experience the sights, sounds and smells of historic buildings and places of worship is an amazing experience and one that cannot be replicated online.

We know, however, that taking children away from the classroom is tricky – especially since COVID-19 took hold.

To support you and your students in the history and RE curriculum we’ve created a range of sessions and workshops accessed online and via Microsoft teams in your classrooms.

Coventry Blitz – 45 min session – including the story of the 14-15th Nov and activities

Coventry Blitz assembly – 20 mins

Coventry Cathedral place of worship – 45 mins to see and explore the key features and furnishings of a Christian church.

+ much more.  Take a look at our Education Booklet 20-21 for more details.

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