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Millennium Chapel

A modern chapel remembering history.

Home to a replica of the poignant Stalingrad Madonna, this chapel was created in 2000 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz.

The chapel was funded by donations from local people, whose names, or those of their loved ones, are engraved on the glass chapel walls.

The Stalingrad Madonna was drawn on the back of a map in December 1942, during the siege of Stalingrad by a German army surgeon named Kurt Reuber. The words on the image 'Light, Life, Love' show that Reuber still had hope even in desperate times. Reuber died in a prisoner of war camp, and the original is displayed in Berlin. The replica was given to the Cathedral as a symbol of reconciliation between the two nations.

The chapel is located between the main floor of the Cathedral and the Undercroft, and is accessed via a stairwell located to the left of the Lady Chapel. This stairwell is also home to the original Charred Cross from the Ruins.

Directions and accessibility
Wheelchair accessible

The chapel is located midway between the main level of the Cathedral and the undercroft and is not wheelchair accessible.


Access to the chapel is via one glass door.

Wheelchair accessible

Assistance dogs are welcome.

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