Together for Hope is the sister-organisation to the Community of the Cross of Nails which is open to partners of other faiths, or no faith.

Inspired by Coventry’s story of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation, our partners all share a commitment to pursuing reconciliation and peace in their own context.

For 70 years, partners of the Community of the Cross of Nails have worked on issues of cultural or personal identity, politics, race, religion, economics and the environment. Some have directly addressed war and violent conflict, whilst others have focused on post-conflict restoration and healing. Partners’ work may have broad and far-reaching, national or regional consequences. All make a significant difference to local communities and individual people’s lives.

Together for Hope is a relational network facilitated by Coventry Cathedral’s reconciliation team.

We are a network of partners who are secular or faith-based organisations.

We are drawn together by the story of Coventry Cathedral, and its partners have an on-going relationship with the Cathedral.

We share a common commitment to work for peace justice and reconciliation. We nurture this among our network through mutual support, fellowship and occasional joint action.

What next?

The first step in becoming a Together for Hope partner is to get in touch with us and tell us about the work you’re doing. If you haven’t already, we will invite you to visit the Cathedral so that we can walk you through our story of hope and reconciliation.

Whilst the application process is primarily about building a relationship, we do also ask that you formally demonstrate your commitment to at least one of these priorities:

  • Healing the wounds of history
  • Learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity
  • Building a culture of peace

We ask each new partner to submit a written application which sets out evidence demonstrating how you address these priorities and reflect a commitment to the network. When you are ready to apply, we will give you an application pack, and will support you throughout the application process.

Partners are invited to make donations towards the general work of Together for Hope, and to its Partner and Gathering Bursary funds.

We also invite all new partners who are able to make an initial donation to cover the cost of manufacturing your handmade stained-glass presentation plaque and administrative support.

Contact Details

Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 1286
Facebook & Twitter: @CovTforH
Post: St Michael’s House, 11 Priory Row, Coventry CV1 5EX

We're thrilled to be hosting Coventry University Graduations again and as such we will not be open to the public from the 19th to 23rd inclusive. Access to the Ruins is not affected.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused, and a huge congratulations to all of those graduating!