Our vision for the Cathedral falls within the overall vision for the Diocese of Coventry:

  • Worshipping God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities

The Cathedral’s specific vision for 2014-18 is to restore the calling to peace and reconciliation to the heart of the Cathedral community, and then to see this flow out from there in three spheres.

The first is for the Cathedral to be a reconciled community and a reconciling people, playing a key role in shaping a diocese which is seeking to be known as a people of reconciliation.

The second, moving out from the first, is to play our part in enabling the City of Coventry to live up to its title, rooted in the story of its Cathedral, of ‘City of Peace and Reconciliation’ – and to see this character flow out into the wider region, especially the County of Warwickshire.

The third looks nationally and internationally to the role the Cathedral has been invited to play in reconciling the unreconciled across the world, both in and beyond the church, working especially with the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are rich in partnerships, and rejoice in working for the good of the kingdom of God with a diverse network of friends and organisations to see transformation in the lives of individuals and the world.

The work for peace and reconciliation has been expressed recently in three priorities:

  • Healing the Wounds of History
  • Learning to Live with Difference and to Celebrate Diversity
  • Building a Culture of Peace

These three priorities, applied through the three spheres, are being worked out in practice through the Cathedral community and its partners. We are also working hard to secure a stable resource base for the Cathedral building and ministry, both of which require significant and urgent investment. We are confident that our calling to reconciliation, worked out locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, is both sound and attractive, and will enable us to secure the resources that we need.