The Reconciliation Ministry at St. Michael’s House is a ministry and space dedicated to the understanding and practice of reconciliation using The Coventry Way  which is comprised of

Sarah Hills, our Canon for Reconciliation Ministry, explains her vision for reconciliation and the challenges she faces in making it happen in the video below and more information about our reconciliation activities and programmes can be found on our St. Michael’s House website.


The Community of the Cross of Nails

cross-of-nailsThe Coventry Cross of Nails is a powerful and inspirational symbol worldwide of forgiveness and reconciliation. In the post-conflict Europe of the 1950’s and 60’s, the presentation of a Cross of Nails to churches in Kiel, Dresden, Berlin and other cities destroyed by Allied bombing, symbolized peace and the growing trust and partnership that developed.

By the 1970’s this courageous vision began to spread to other areas of conflict and the Community of the Cross of Nails was formed in 1974. There are now over 200 active CCN Partners around the world drawn together by the Coventry story and working for peace and reconciliation within their own communities and countries.

Their work is demanding and diverse. It may focus on issues of politics, race, religion, economics, environment, sexual orientation or personal animosity. It can have broad and far-reaching, national consequences, or it can make significant difference to individual lives.

Partners can be churches, peace organizations, reconciliation initiatives, NGOs and educational centres, any body of people who have a heart and a need to pursue reconciliation in their own lives and the lives of others.

CCN Partners in Germany, Netherlands and the USA have a national board. Others link to support each other on a regional, country or citywide basis. They are to be found from Africa to Australia, Europe to Asia: truly a global network. Together CCN Partners are committed to learn from and support each other – practically and prayerfully.

For further information about the work of the Community of the Cross of Nails have a look at its dedicated website here.



Coventry Cathedral Reconciliation Ministry

Coventry Cathedral's inspirational story of reconciliation continues as the Cathedral ruins are designated a memorial to civilians killed, injured or traumatised by conflict worldwide. We seek to educate and raise awareness of the continued impact of war, to reflect on these issues through prayer, pilgrimage, and call for positive change.
Coventry Cathedral Reconciliation Ministry
Coventry Cathedral Reconciliation Ministry6 days ago
Please join us at 12pm to pray the Litany wherever you are as we in Coventry hold a vigil for the situation in Gaza after the events of this week. If you are in Coventry please do join us in the Ruins for the Litany at noon.


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