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This event is running from 19 June 2019 until 23 June 2019. It is next occurring on 19th June 2019 10:00 am

Join us for a week of workshops, events and music in The Chapel of Many in Coventry Cathedral Ruins. The Chapel is part of Coventry Welcomes Festival, a week-long festival celebrated within the framework of the national Refugee Week, on or around the 20th of June of every year.

The walls of the Chapel are formed of chairs, creating a protected intimate space for contemplation, exhibition, and artful enquiry. As people gather, the chairs are removed, creating windows to the surroundings, framing a view to the outside world and creating the connection between the interior and exterior. The gathering of people brings light, transparency. The structure builds on Coventry’s international reputation as a centre for reconciliation.

Part funded through the European Union sponsored Migrant Friendly Cities initiative, the building of the structure was a collaborative process integrating migrants, students and retired experts (facilitating intergenerational learning). The structure begins its journey as part of National Refugee Week, in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in June 2019.

A full list of events happening as part of Coventry Welcomes Festival can be found at coventrywelcomes.co.uk

The Chapel of Many
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