We are privileged to welcome the Knife Angel into the heart of our city, which already knows too much about the painful impact of knife crime. The sculpture makes something of real power and beauty from these weapons that can do such harm. It invites us all to consider the choices we make, and to commit to making something better.

Coventry Cathedral is no stranger to pain and destruction so it seems fitting that the Knife Angel should stand beside our own guardian, St Michael, and help us to gather our thoughts and longings for peace in our city.

Just before Christmas we hosted the funeral for Jayden James, one of the city’s own victims of knife crime, and even in that dark time we dared to speak of hope for a better tomorrow.

In making something beautiful from the ugliness and violence of the knives Alfie Bradley follows a pattern that is part of the Cathedral’s own DNA – using the pain of the past to build something brighter and stronger – a peaceful future.

We are proud to be hosting the sculpture here and engaging with its themes of grief and redemption, of violence and healing as we continue to offer a safe space for the whole city to gather and reflect.

It’s fitting that it should stand for a while in the space between old and new cathedrals as an invitation to all of us to choose healing and hope.We’re looking forward to welcoming ‘Knife Angel’, a unique sculpture fashioned from 100,000 knives, which will go on display outside Coventry Cathedral. Designed by sculptor Alfie Bradley of the British Ironworks Centre (BIC) based in Oswestry, the 27-foot high sculpture is touring the country to raise awareness of knife crime and send a message to prevent violence in the future.

We are expecting it to be in Coventry until April 23rd.

Bishop Christopher says: “The Knife Angel is a stark reminder of a form of violent crime infecting our city and threatening lives with great danger, especially our young people. It also speaks the Coventry story – that weapons of hate and destruction can be re-worked into symbols of peace and hope, signalling a new future where violence is overcome. Together with people of every faith and none, we will not only care for the bereaved of such crimes but do all we can to build the sort of culture that eradicates their causes. I’m really glad that the Knife Angel will stand near St Michael, the guardian angel and patron of Coventry’s Cathedral.”

Knife Angel comes to Coventry
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