Welcome from the Dean

I arrived as Dean in Coventry in early 2013, and I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of our building and the treasure within it and the extraordinary power of the story behind the Cathedral, ruined and rebuilt.

Our vision

Our vision for the Cathedral reflects the overall vision for the Diocese of Coventry: Worshipping God, Making New Disciples and Transforming Communities. Our specific vision for 2014-18 is to restore the calling to peace and reconciliation to the heart of the Cathedral community and to see this flow out across our city, our diocese, our nation and across the world.


Here you will find details of services, events, concerts and exhibitions. On occasions we need to close the building – for example, when we need to set up for a major service – so please check the calendar if you are making a special journey.

Coventry Cathedral gratefully acknowledges the support of

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