In 2018 Coventry Cathedral removed its admission charge. This bold step was made possible through a generous partnership with the Diocese of Coventry, but that arrangement was for a limited time. We would like to make it a permanent change.

We would really appreciate your becoming a partner with us in helping to keep this incredible building, with its vital message of peace and reconciliation, free to enter for our local, national and international visitors.

Not charging for admission will cost the Cathedral around £130,000 in 2020 – a daily amount of about £365. If you donate this amount – either as a single gift or through a regular direct debit/standing order – you will be making a valuable contribution to keeping the wonders of the Cathedral and its unique message of reconciliation available to everyone.

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or a day with some special meaning to you or a friend or relative, there are many reasons why a particular date might be important to you. For just £365 you can choose a date, which we will mark by presenting your personal message on a special display in the Cathedral’s reception area. You will also receive an invitation to attend a private reception and musical event with the Choir each year and your details will be recorded in a specially commissioned book, which will be on prominent display at our annual Benefactors’ Service each September.

Thanks to your support just an ordinary day at the Cathedral will become a great moment to celebrate or commemorate something noteworthy, as well as an opportunity to provide essential funds that will keep this iconic place open and free to enter on every single day of the year.

Entering the details below will give us all the information we need. When you click on the ‘submit’ button you will then be taken to our CAF donation page where you can make your contribution – either as a one-off payment or through a monthly/quarterly/annual direct debit.

Please click this 'submit' button to send us the information you have entered. You will then be taken to our CAF donation page.

By sending us this information, you indicate that you are content for us to hold your details on the Cathedral computer system.

Thank you!