On Friday afternoon the Cathedral team were delighted to greet the CCR relay cyclists from Worcester Cathedral. On Saturday morning the Coventry Cathedral team with Shaun Cutler cycled to Birmingham Cathedral and handed the baton to Dean Matt Thompson.

The inaugural Cathedrals Cycle Route – which started from Newcastle Cathedral on Sunday 30 May to coincide with Bike Week – aims to celebrate the nation’s Cathedrals and promote greener travel and mental and physical wellbeing. It is the result of a unique partnership between Sustrans, Cycling UK, the British Pilgrimage Trust and the Association of English Cathedrals. The new 2,000-mile relay ride connects the country’s 42 Church of England Cathedrals.

The relay route, which starts and finishes at Newcastle University, is the invention of academic, entrepreneur and keen cyclist Shaun Cutler, from Northumbria University.

He said: “The Cathedrals Cycle Route is about connecting our historic cathedrals and enjoying the spaces between them.
“Now more than ever, after a year of living with the coronavirus pandemic, this is a way to support people’s mental and physical health and promote the mission of England’s cathedrals through pilgrimage, wellbeing and heritage.”

Asha Eade-Green, Head of Arts and Events and our Cycling Ambassador said: “I am delighted to be the Cycling Champion for Coventry Cathedral, and as part of this will be cycling 22 miles from Coventry Cathedral to Birmingham Cathedral on Saturday 3rd July as part of Bike Week.

Whichever English cathedral you visit this year, you will be able to arrive by bike thanks to a unique partnership between Cycling UK, the British Pilgrimage Trust, Sustrans and the Association of English Cathedrals that will link every Church of England cathedral in a new initiative to promote greener travel and mental and physical wellbeing.

I imagine I will have lots of pit stops on the way and am looking forward to experiencing more of the Midlands concrete and countryside’s first hand, as opposed to the normal luxury of a train!

I am a leisurely cyclist at best, I like to get off and walk as soon as they see anything that remotely looks like a hill, so if I can do it so can you..you can explore the route here.

Keep your eyes peeled for some cycling initiatives we will be launching soon.”

For more information about the whole Cathedrals Cycle Route visit https://www.cyclinguk.org/route/whole-cathedrals-cycle-route

Passing on the baton – Cathedral Cycle Relay