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Photo credit: Garry Jones

A message from Canon Pastor Kathryn Fleming:

On Earth Day 2021 we give thanks for the beauty of creation and recognise how often we fail to follow the native American advice to “walk the soft earth lightly, as relatives to all that live”.

This “Environmental Lord’s Prayer” perhaps helps to redress the balance after long centuries in which humanity behaved as if the world and her resources were ours to squander:

“Our Father in heaven – You are also at home in the air, soil, forests and ocean

Hallowed be your name – By the care we take of your creation

Your kingdom come – All that you see is good

Your will be done – Your will to tend and care

As it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread – that all may have sufficient to live life in fullness

Forgive us our trespasses – Our greed, our exploitation, our lack of concern for other species and for future generations

As we forgive those who trespass against us – by reconciliation, with justice and peace.

Lead us not into temptation – the temptation to equate dominion with exploitation

And deliver us from evil – the evil of destroying your gift of creation.

For yours is the Kingdom – yours, not ours.

The power and the glory – In the cross and in the resurrection

Now and forever – You were the beginning and you are the end.


A message on Earth Day

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