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Coventry Cathedral has announced that it will be launching a new missionary project this autumn. The vision is for a pioneering community that offers a home to the spiritually lost and seeking, to those who have wandered away from God, to those who have never known God and to those who have lost their faith in the church.

It will be a church community that offers renewed worship in the Cathedral ruins, a place of new hope and reconciliation; a church community that offers a new approach to Central Church. The church will be called St Clare’s at the Cathedral.


The vision of St Clare’s at the Cathedral is to grow a new church community with a focus on being simple, generous and open.

  • Simple – St Clare’s will focus on simplicity, lived out in the structures and services, always aiming to travel light. It will have a contemporary feel which often appeals to younger people.
  • Generous – It will be an open-handed community, generous with time and hospitality. As it grows it will be eager to share its resources and learning.
  • Open – St Clare’s will be a real space for difference, doubt, curiosity and questioning. It will aim to be a diverse and reconciling community where everyone feels welcome. A place where difference of opinion is valued as the community engages with the Scriptures together.

Why St Clare’s?

St Clare founded a new community, looking for a fresh and simpler way of devoting that community to God’s service. She supported that community with her own work, needlework, selling what she made to visitors. But there is also something powerful about the fact that she came alongside a more famous saint, Francis, as a friend. St Clare’s would be a friend to the Cathedral – a support and a blessing whilst also having a distinct and complementary ministry. St Clare’s will initially be based in the current cathedral Gift Shop and Visitor Centre, with the shop being relocated later in the year.

Pioneer Ministers

St Clare’s at the Cathedral will be run by the Reverends Charlotte Gale and Naomi Nixon, two experienced priests in the diocese. Charlotte and Naomi will be Interim Pioneer Ministers at the Cathedral. Charlotte, currently a Vicar in Leamington Spa, will minister full-time at St Clare’s. Naomi will continue in her full-time role of clergy training in the diocese, but will minister alongside Charlotte at weekends and some evenings.

St Clare’s will be launched this autumn.

To keep up to date with the development of St Clare’s, follow the St Clare’s at the Cathedral blog here.

Introducing ‘St Clare’s at the Cathedral’

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