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“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Coventry Cathedral is an extraordinary place, dedicated to inspiring and achieving reconciliation, bringing hope and sharing peace. Investors in Hope supporters help to fund this iconic building, and allow our crucial work to continue and grow in the years ahead.


Dear Friend,

I very much welcome the interest you have shown in supporting us at Coventry Cathedral.  Our buildings and our history tell a remarkable story that continues to inspire people across the world.

The day after the destruction of the Cathedral in 1940, the Provost, Dick Howard, famously inscribed “Father forgive” on the chancel walls, conveying the truth that all people are in need of God’s forgiveness – not just ‘the enemy’.  Using his Christmas Day broadcast from the ruins the following month, he went on to say: “What we want to tell the world is this: we are trying, hard as it may be, to banish all thoughts of revenge.. We are going to try to make a kinder, simpler, more Christ-child-like sort of world in the days beyond this strife.”

These were the roots of Coventry Cathedral’s ministry of reconciliation, which continues to this day.  Our messages of reconciliation and forgiveness go out to the world, bringing hope and understanding where there is division and bitterness.

We want everyone who comes to visit us, be they worshippers, pilgrims, tourists, concert-goers, school children, students – and those seeking reconciliation – to experience and to be inspired by our story, portrayed through our buildings, our music, our artwork.

Investors in Hope are people who want to join us in looking after our Cathedral and supporting our work.  This costs over £1m a year.  Balancing the books is a challenge: there is always more to do than we can afford, and we have precious few reserves to fall back on.

To continue to proclaim our message of hope to a needy world, we need your help.  Please join us!

The Very Reverend John Witcombe

Dean of Coventry





Investors in Hope is the Cathedral’s regular giving campaign. It now provides a reliable source of income, which not only provides greater financial security, but allows the Cathedral to plan ahead with more confidence.

Through Investors in Hope we aim to raise £300,000 each year to enable the Cathedral to meet its running costs, to ensure it remains open to all and to cement the long term future of our Reconciliation Ministry. By joining Investors in Hope you can play a crucial role in meeting this challenge by pledging anything from £10 per month, with no upper limit. And through Gift Aid the value of your contribution is, of course, automatically increased. We will keep you informed of our achievements and report on progress through a quarterly newsletter.

So far more than 100 individuals and business partners have signed up to the campaign and by 2019 we have reached an annual income of almost £150,000 – half way towards our target. Please will you think about joining?  Your monthly donation will help us to keep the Cathedral’s work and witness alive.

All new Investors in Hope are also automatically given membership of the Friends of Coventry Cathedral. Membership offers discounts at the Cathedral shop and café and on tickets for concerts with the Coventry Cathedral Chorus, as well as invitations to special Friends events. It is our modest way of saying thank you. You will become a member of a much-valued community of like-minded supporters.

With more resources we can do more. By becoming an Investor in Hope you will provide funds to support the Cathedral’s work, including …

Reconciliation – Our Reconciliation Ministry Team is committed to advancing social justice and peace-building. Its work has involved some of the most difficult, long-standing and sensitive post-conflict areas including Burundi and South Sudan. This marks Coventry out amongst English cathedrals, as having a unique heritage and an internationally recognised role.

Music – The Cathedral choir includes 60 boys and girls, who benefit from access to a specialist voice coach and all the latest teaching methods. The Music Department is responsible for the promotion, recruitment, training and integration of all the children into the choir. It is a matter of great importance to us that our choristers, who come from all parts of the City, are able to flourish and develop their musical talents.

Education – Each year over 14,000 schoolchildren visit this site, rich in history and art.  We would like to be able to welcome more.  The Cathedral offers every pupil a fun, memorable and educational experience. Tours and workshops are designed around the National Curriculum covering subjects at Key stages 1- 4 in History, Art, Signs and Symbols, RE and Citizenship.

 Buildings – After over 50 years of constant use our ‘new’ cathedral is showing its age. Investment in the overall maintenance, preservation and improvement of the Cathedral is critical to ensuring that our buildings remain an inspirational symbol to both pilgrims and visitors.


Please click here to join ‘Coventry Cathedral: Investors in Hope’ and donate online or here to download a response form to fill in and send to us.


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Coventry Cathedral: Investors in Hope