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Epstein: Stories in Stone

“With its colossal centerpiece Stories in Stone helps us connect the art of the Cathedral with the stories that inspired it.”
— Very Rev’d Dean John Witcombe

Epstein: Stories in Stone brings together major works in a unique exhibition to celebrate the Cathedral’s Diamond Jubilee and commemorate some of Jacob’s Epstein’s greatest sculptures. Epstein’s monumental St Michael and the Devil is a significant part of the Cathedral’s history and the city’s contemporary landscape, as well as his imposing Ecce Homo in the Cathedral Ruins. Stories in Stone explores the life and stories within both Epstein’s works and Coventry Cathedral. The exhibition welcomes viewers in to appreciate the sculptures within the context of the Cathedral and seeks to provide a space for contemplation and reflection on our shared humanity.

The exhibition connects the artwork of Ecce Homo, St Michael and the Devil and the Angel doorknobs outside the Cathedral with the inside of the New Cathedral, bringing his work into the building and inviting viewers to explore the pieces in this context. The story of the Cathedral is connected to the destruction and rebuilding of both stone and relationships. The transformative nature of Epstein’s pieces speaks to this evolution. The works change depending on their context as living pieces of art, just as the Cathedral is a living building that is fixed in stone but constantly developing. Both the works and the Cathedral mean different things to different people; Stories in Stone invites viewers to engage with the pieces and explore the life within them.


Open during Cathedral visiting hours.

Events Programme

Running along side the exhibition is a curated events programme that aims to support and compliment the exhibition in all its forms; from yoga to tours, workshops to services, there is something for everyone.

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