This page is for the CCN UK & Ireland Board’s members – organisations and individuals affiliated to the Board who may or may not yet have received a Cross of Nails from Coventry Cathedral, but who are part of the ongoing journey as reconcilers in today’s world, and are inspired by Coventry’s part in that journey. The Board forms one of eight which each represent geographical clusters of CCN partners in various parts of the globe, and which inform and advise central CCN decisions. The UK & Ireland Board includes a handful of associate partners from countries other than the UK & Ireland, where no other members or board exists.

The Board has existed in its current form since December 2018 and is run collectively by its four trustees and its members. Some 50 organisations and individuals are currently on the mailing list for the board and formal memberships are expected to start later in 2021.

See our partners in the UK & Ireland here * and contributions from some of them to the Board’s recent CCN Sunday recorded service here.

In 2020 the Board has met almost entirely via Zoom, and the Board’s meeting dates for 2021 will be confirmed and issued later in December 2020.

More information will appear on this page in due course! If you’d like to contact the Board direct meanwhile, please email

* Lists comprise of those organisations who have received a Cross of Nails from Coventry Cathedral either recently or in the past as part of joining the overall Community of the Cross of Nails, and does not include all organisations and individuals currently connected with the UK & Ireland Board specifically. 

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