As we approach Mothering Sunday in the UK and particularly think about our own mothers, Mothers’ Union is empowering mums both locally and around the world, helping families to thrive and communities to support one another.

“Mothers’ Union…… isn’t that just about sitting around drinking tea and eating cake?”

Tea and cake can be transformational. In the past few years, our members have raised thousands of pounds, through holding cake sales and coffee mornings (and lots of other ways, too). Money that has been used to help people in the UK and worldwide, whose lives are devastated by conflict, whose communities may be torn apart by discord, whose families may be facing poverty.

And sometimes when it is needed our members are reaching out to each other and their communities, offering prayer, practical support and yes, sometimes a cup of tea.

“And knitting – don’t they do a lot of that as well?”

Knitting warm clothes, toys, prayer shawls, blankets and a whole lot of other goods is just one of the ways we reach out to families and communities both locally and overseas.

“Well, I heard they do a lot of talking…..”

Our members are not just having a good old gossip at their meetings, we are using our voices to speak up for social justice and are very good at being heard. Our Bye Buy Childhood campaign against the commercialisation and sexualisation of children has led to industry and legislative changes to improve the safety of children. Gender-based violence is also high on our agenda and we are proud to be a part of 16 Days of Activism every year – campaigning for women’s equality throughout the world.

“There’s more?”

In Coventry Diocese, Mothers’ Union runs parenting programmes, supports prisoners and their families in various ways, provides holidays for families who would otherwise not get a break at all, provides toiletries to refuges and sexual assault centres. In fact, “faith in action” in many different ways in our communities.

In reflecting this weekend on motherhood, please pray for mothers around the world and the work of Mothers’ Union – from teaching a mother to read and write to providing lifesaving relief in the most dire of circumstances, it impacts not just mothers but their families and communities for the better.

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CCN Thought for the Week for 9th March – Jane Hill, Mothers’ Union Coventry and Warwickshire
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