We have one wonderful intern working with us in Coventry this year, and as she comes up to half way through her time with us, this is her chance to say hello!

My name is Hanna-Lotta; I am the current intern here at the Cathedral in Coventry for a year. I would like to take the chance to introduce myself briefly, why I am doing this internship and what my tasks are here at the cathedral.

I am 18 years old and finished school in summer 2019. I am from Germany and have lived my whole life with my family in Bonn (Haribos are from Bonn!).

I decided last year that I would like to spend a year abroad with Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) after finishing school. I wanted to get to know a new culture and at the same time do some peace service with ARSP. ARSP is a German organization, which conducts its work with an awareness of the present-day significance of National Socialism and the Holocaust.  Every year around 180 volunteers, mostly young adults, work for ARSP in thirteen different countries on a variety of educational, historical, political and social projects. If you want to do your service with ARSP you have to go to an application seminar. At this application seminar I first heard about Coventry and its history, and was so inspired that I applied.  I then heard more and more about it, and my anticipation grew. A really remarkable point was when I went to a talk by Angela Merkel last summer, where she spoke about the Community of Cross of Nails and its reconciliation work as a role model for Christian peace work. I am really glad and grateful for the opportunity to work with the CCN and with the people at the Cathedral for reconciliation and peace.

My actual journey to Coventry started then in September 2019. I’m now working here at the Cathedral with the schools team, the events team and of course with the reconciliation team during the week. I love working with so many different people, who have different ideas and opinions. There is always a lot to do, which is great.

The last five months have been great and busy, too. I’m looking forward to the next six, in which I can work with the reconciliation team to develop and strengthen a youth strategy for the CCN.

In addition to the youth strategy, I will have the chance to work on the CCN and the environment. Since my childhood this has been a big topic for me; making the world more peaceful involves doing something to beat climate change. I think that we as humans have a huge responsibility for the earth, for animals and for future generations. We are responsible for the integrity of creation. So the big question is, what can the CCN do? What does reconciliation look like during this crisis? Can we reconcile with the earth, or with future generations? How can we reconcile with a future generation, with people we will possibly never meet? Can there be something like “advance reconciliation”?  …. Just a few questions – there are many more! Together with the ICONS (International Cross of Nail Schools) team we have a lot of ideas and I am really excited to see our ideas growing in this year.

All in all I am really enjoying the work I can do here and I feel very grateful that I have been given this opportunity to experience and learn more about reconciliation. I’m still impressed by how wonderfully the people at the Cathedral and in Coventry welcomed me. The hospitability is just amazing and I am very grateful to meet so many incredible people here, who helped me to feel home in Coventry!

Hanna-Lotta Lehmann

CCN Thought for the Week for 7th February – Hanna-Lotta Lehmann, Coventry Cathedral intern
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