Monica Lawrence from St Martin’s writes: “Many visitors from all over the world come to York, and some come into St Martin’s, a church today dedicated to peace and reconciliation. We provide a pew prayer as a form of outreach, lately with  the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation printed on the reverse side, and we find it certainly helps us reflect more deeply on the three CCN remits – Healing the Wounds of History, Living with Difference and Celebrating Diversity, and Building a Culture of Peace – but also it focuses how we apply our prayers in daily life today. Hopefully, the prayers may encourage those who take them away from St Martin’s, as well as our local supporters of our Community of the Cross of Nails link.

This month, we celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela 100 years since his birth, and International Nelson Mandela Day, this year on Wednesday 18th July”.

God of truth and justice, we commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela in this centenary year of his birth. 

May we take inspiration from his vision that all can live together in harmony with equal opportunity. Guide us, that wherever there is injustice, we may support initiatives  that promote justice and truth.    Amen.

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity,

it is an act of justice”

Nelson Mandela




CCN Thought for the Week for 6th July – St Martin’s Church, Coney Street, York
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