As we ease into a new year, it seems the challenges of the past one are by no means over, and if anything are, for now, increasing. This is true particularly for those in our community which are first and foremost not worship or teaching organisations, but primarily connectors and providers of relief, often through practical opportunity. As outreach organisations they’re not generally somewhere you can pay a visit to; their work is out in the field. Some rely very heavily on  fundraising and more distant relationship-building. 2020 and its aftermath has been a desperately long journey. No two are the same; some are internationally-known; some are very small: each has its unique calling.

This epiphany season, as we mark the time when the Magi came to the baby Jesus with gifts, we’ll be seeking to shine a small spotlight on these, our own gifts: these CCN partner charities across the world, each making such a difference in terrible times. From tomorrow, each weekday over the next few weeks we’ll provide a brief focus on one of them on our facebook page.  Please support these organisations where you can, as we face this new year together.

With our blessings,

Alice Farnhill, CCN Co-ordinator

CCN Thought for the Week for 6th January – the treasures of Epiphany
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