Across continents and generations, the Community of the Cross of Nails gathers and encourages reconcilers and peace-makers who are inspired by both Coventry’s story and the Christian mission of reconciliation through Christ. The Cross and the litany of reconciliation, with its ‘Father Forgive’ response give the CCN its uniquely Christian voice.

The cathedral, situated as it is in the heart of Coventry – the City of Peace and Reconciliation – attracts and inspires residents, visitors and students from a multitude of nations, faiths, cultures and communities. This wider world is looking for ways to be involved in the work of reconciliation and peace-making as well. Secular and multi-faith organisations who are inspired by the CCN and Coventry’s story, are asking for ways to join with what we do. Together for Hope (TforH) is our response: it is the sister-organisation to the Community of the Cross of Nails, for partners of other faiths or of no faith. We began TforH from our core commitment as Christian reconcilers, recognising that the ministry of reconciliation is, in part, a ministry of hospitality. TforH partners are invited to sit with us at the table of hospitality; the table of reconciliation.

Together for Hope shares the same priorities as the CCN, namely: Healing the wounds of history; Learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity; and Building a culture of peace. As with the CCN, all TforH partners share a common commitment to pursuing reconciliation, peace and justice in their own unique contexts.

Together for Hope formally launches at Coventry Cathedral on May 4th with a service to welcome our first partner, Faithful Friends, from Sandwell here in the British West Midlands.

Faithful Friends are a group of eight faith and community leaders in Sandwell who came together as a result of one Anglican priest’s visit to Coventry Cathedral. Rev. David Gould was inspired to contact faith and community leaders in his town with a hope of building a community of reconciliation which would become a positive cross-cultural influence in Sandwell. The eight met together regularly to share a meal and get to know one-another. As they became friends, and with a clear respect for one-another’s faith perspectives, they began to talk about places that were particularly significant to their individual spiritual journeys. Together, they undertook to visit each of these places as a group, and ‘Faithful Friends on Tour’ was born! The group most recently visited a number of holy sites in India.

Alex Albans, Coventry Cathedral Reconciliation Project Officer


CCN Thought for the Week for 6th April – introducing Together for Hope, the CCN’s new sister organisation
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