As we enter a month of extreme uncertainty in the UK, an uncertainty which stretches far across and beyond our own borders, we share here this piece by Canon Kathryn Fleming. Each of our Thoughts for the Week to follow this month will focus on the strength of our partnerships with others in Europe, and our CCN pilgrimage (30th October to 1st November) will be very closely focussed on this too.

Praying for our Nation

Coventry Cathedral was born in a climate of post-war recovery and co-operation. Our very fabric reflects this, with gifts from so many countries all around us. Together with our calling to the work of reconciliation, this gives us a particular responsibility to pray for the healing of our fractured society and the survival of international friendships that have been a key part of our life for many years. As we travel through this month together, uncertain of what the future might hold, it seems good to have a particular time and place in the cathedral to focus those prayers.

So throughout October (unless there are large groups attending) we will be praying the Litany of Reconciliation in the Chapel of Christ the Servant, and invite visitors and community to pause if they are able, to spend some time praying for our nation in this season of change and anxiety.

Throughout the hour from 12 noon until 1 pm, three candles will burn there: one for ourselves, our hopes, fears, joys and griefs; one for our neighbours, those with whom we agree and disagree, those who are rejoicing and those who are weeping, our local neighbours – and our international neighbours; and the third, for our shared future. There will be other resources to help focus your prayers and we do hope that you’ll feel able to join us some time this month.

God of past,
and future,
be with us as we take our next steps as nations together.
May we strive to love
our neighbour as ourselves
Listening and speaking
with respectful kindness,
embracing difference.
Remembering how much all have been forgiven by you,
may we offer friendship,
grant mercy,
and seek peace and justice
in our shared future.


CCN Thought for the Week for 4th October – Praying for our Nation
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