This week’s Thought is an unashamedly promotional Thought for the Week, as we are so pleased to announce that registrations open today for our CCN International Gathering, “A Pilgrimage of Prayer, Theology and  Practice”. This takes place in Coventry from lunchtime Wednesday 26th to lunchtime Sunday 30th September, and we would encourage as many CCN members as possible to try and attend! 

Why? This is a once-in-every-few-years opportunity to meet, discuss, debate and socialise as the worldwide Community that we are. It’s easy sometimes to overlook our uniqueness as an organisation, but we number now, some 70 years on, over 200 churches, charities and schools around the world, bound together and strongly inspired by the Coventry story, to work and pray, in our multiplicity of individual ways, for a more forgiving and reconciling world. There’s no other reconciling network quite like us. As we continue to grow – by around 10 partners per year on average – word continues to spread, and our value as a network deepens. 

What can I expect? Join us to celebrate, and to reflect on, and input into, our role in the world, here in Coventry where it all began. Become more involved in The Coventry Way, and  hear about and share in the sheer variety of reconciliation practice going on across the network. We are firming up the full programme as we speak, but there will be (for those who want to!) singing, and dancing, and creative workshops – as well as speakers and various streams for debate and discussion, balanced with time to eat together, and to simply reflect and pray. 

Cost: We are so proud of this Community here in Coventry, and really rejoice in this chance to bring people together. The cost per person is £200 for the full five days, which covers all activities and meals other than bed and breakfast – for which various accommodation options payable separately are suggested. There will be a bursary travel fund for a small number of pilgrims from overseas to attend who might otherwise not be able to – please contact us if this could be you. 

Register! All information and links to register can be found  here – for the moment, we are taking registrations only from those who can attend the full five days, but will open registrations for those who can only attend for a part of the Gathering, where spaces permit, in a few weeks.

With our blessings, and in anticipation of your company in September

Revd Canon Dr Sarah Hills, Coventry Cathedral; Revd Mark Pendleton, CCN  North America Board; and Oliver Schuegraf, Nagelkreuzgemeinschaft/ CCN German Board. 


CCN Thought for the Week for 2nd February – register for the CCN International Members’ Gathering!
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