2020 is anything but normal a year for internships. This year’s new ARSP intern, supported by our partners in the German CCN Board, will have a very different experience to previous years’ interns, with a much closer day-to-day connection to ARSP itself and some of its other projects, and a different living location, with other interns in London, but hopefully none the less rich for that. We look forward to Fine working with us two days a week in Coventry, and with other tasks remotely.

Hello, my name is Josefine, mostly known as Fine, I am 19 years old and the new intern at the Coventry Cathedral for one year. This year, I graduated from high school in my hometown Herborn, in Hesse, near Frankfurt. I have known that I would like to go abroad for a while since my sister went to Sweden after her graduation, but I did not expect to come to England, live in London and work in Coventry. What luck it all went like this!

I am one out of 130 German, Polish, and Ukrainian volunteers of ARSP (Action Reconciliation Service for Peace) that work and help out in various projects in 13 different countries. ARSP is an organization that focusses on learning from the huge mistakes made and the cruel crimes committed during World War 2 by the Nazi regime and working therefore in a sense of peace and reconciliation for a better present – and future.

Coventry Cathedral is ARSP’s longest partner project in the UK, and I get the opportunity to join its community just in time for their partnership’s 60th anniversary next year! I am really looking forward to my different tasks here, supporting the cathedral’s team and working with the Community of the Cross of Nails, expanding my horizons while meeting new people and learning much more about our history and reconciliation in a spiritual context. Especially  this year, it is not straightforward coming to work as part of an international network and I feel grateful to be welcomed this warmly.

In times like these, in which political polarization seems to challenge us in every topic discussed, I think it is, particularly for my generation, of utmost importance to meet each other with respect, humanity and in a spirit of peace and reconciliation. I hope I can serve the community as well as this year’s special situation allows me to do and I am excited to make great experiences that will last a lifetime!

Josefine Ufkes

CCN Thought for the Week for 25th September – welcome to Josefine Ufkes, our new intern!
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