St Aidan’s CE Memorial Primary School is the 41st International Cross of Nails (ICON) School in the world, and we are very proud of our title!

A month ago, on Monday 21st May, 2018, we held our second Annual ICONS Day, and all 350 children in the school were off timetable for the day, concentrating instead on all things Peace and Reconciliation.

We began the day with an act of collective worship, where we looked at the story of Pentecost, and how God’s Holy Spirit brings people together and helps us to communicate together, regardless of where we have come from or what has happened before.

Our ICONS Council reminded the school of the long word we had spent a lot of time thinking of…and many of the children remembered the word, and chorused it together; RECONCILIATION!  When asked what this long word meant, there was a lot of head scratching and very few hands went up.  The children were all set the challenge of finding out exactly what it means and they all returned to their classrooms for a day of fun learning activities.

Before the end of the day, the children returned to the hall for a closing act of worship and a ‘showing assembly’.  Each class shared a sample of their day’s learning and there was some wonderful work produced.  We had storyboards and origami paper cranes, wall displays and photo exhibitions.  We had prayers and poems and actions.

The youngest children had thought about people who have hurt them in the past and wrote their names on their own hand.  In a large paddling pool, they all washed their hands and learned about forgiveness.  One child said he could still faintly see the name of the person who had made him sad, still there on his hand, so we talked about how sometimes we need to take some time to forgive, and sometimes it is hard work.

And then came the real test, and the whole school were asked if they could define what Reconciliation really is.  Many, many hands shot up into the air and a little year one child was asked for her thoughts.  She said ‘reconciliation is when we make friends with people and play with them again’.  Amen and amen.

May this ICON School, the whole Community of the Cross of Nails, and humankind beyond, become a generation of people who make friends with people and play with them again.  And may we each inspire others to do the same.

For the glory of God, and the establishing of God’s Kingdom here, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

CCN Thought for the Week for 22nd June – St Aidan’s Primary School, Hartlepool
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