I am very excited to have been accepted and welcomed into the Cross of Nails Community. My team and I work really passionately to create a wonderful learning environment where everyone is valued. This I know is something everyone involved with ICONS is also passionate about.

The difference to us, as a school community, in becoming an ICON school is immense. Our aspiration is to build on and share the good things that we have started and are proud of at Bilton C of E Junior School. We are also looking forward to being able to share in other similar initiatives that are going on as part of the network. We really relish the opportunity for the ICONS Project Manager and Cathedral Schools’ Team to work with us to further embed reconciliation into our ethos, policies, partnerships and strategy and work across the entire organisation from the youngest pupils to the board of Governors.

We see our relationship growing with Coventry Cathedral and being able to access more of the facilities that they have to offer and developing our Worship calendar. It would enable us to work with other schools that have a similar ethos and drive to: ‘inspire children and young people with hope by creating a safe place for them to explore powerful emotions and practice the skills of reconciliation and we want them to be encouraged by the positive example of their teachers and school community. By doing this, as adults, they might play an active part in changing the world by overcoming prejudice of all kinds, and managing differences without destructive conflict.’ (Coventry Cathedral Website).

We would very much like to make links outside of our local community, possibly branching out nationally and internationally to give our children as wide and broad experience as we can. We are also very interested in giving children a greater awareness of world faiths.

As you can see, I am very excited to get started. If anyone wants to know more about us or make links with us we would love to 🙂

Mrs Alex Norton, Head Teacher


CCN Thought for the Week for 22nd February – Bilton CE Junior School, Rugby, UK
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