As India struggles with a massive and severe second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the loss of lives is mounting up alarmingly. To date, the nation has lost over 2,87,122 people to this virus and these are just the official numbers. India has now confirmed Covid-19 cases of 2,57,72,440 and still counting as of 20th May 2021. India broke the daily record of coronavirus deaths on 18th May 2021, with official data reporting 4,529 people succumbing to the virus, leaving a nation numbed by the scale of devastation and loss. The daily confirmed cases are the highest in the world with more than 4,00,000 cases being reported every day for the last three weeks. Hospitals are overburdened and medical personnel are finding it hard to cope up not only because of the sudden and massive increase in the number of cases, but also especially in the light of lack of medical supplies particularly oxygen. Many patients have died because of lack of oxygen at the right time. Crematoriums and graveyards are packed as people line up the bodies of their loved ones for the last rites. Parks are being converted into crematoriums to deal with this new reality. Thousands of dead bodies were recently found floating on Ganges believed to be of those whose families could not afford their cremations and burials.

The churches in India too have suffered losses and many Bishops, Pastors and leaders have been lost to Covid-19. It is estimated that over 500 pastors and Church leaders have succumbed to Covid-19. Churches have been unable to meet for months now, a situation seen last year also, and have faced financial hardships as their pastors and evangelists are solely dependent on the offerings of the congregations. Therefore, it is a desperate situation.

The time is to pray earnestly and to extend relief and hope to a nation that is gasping and struggling. We believe that as Children of God, Christians have been called by Him to pray for the world at this time and to act in generous ways so that the poor, needy and marginalized would be cared for.

Through this letter, we are appealing to you to help strengthen our hands as we seek to reach out to people and communities with oxygen concentrators. Therefore, we would like to appeal you to send us some oxygen concentrators, if possible, so that we can lend a helping hand to our neighbours and help our gasping nation breathe again. If you are not able to do this then please consider making some financial contributions to this initiative. We can overcome this crisis together with God’s help and your generosity!

Kasta Dip
Director, India Peace Centre
CCN, Asia

CCN Thought for the Week for 21st May on the Covid-19 situation in India – Kasta Dip, India Peace Centre
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