At the beginning of July, Canon Sarah and I travelled to Bujumbura in Burundi to deliver training in Reconciliation skills and to continue to strengthen our relationship with CCN partners and friends in the region.

With the Diocese of Bujumbura, we trained 40 people: 10 pastors, 10 Mothers Union representatives, 10 Youth Leaders and 10 parish committee members over 4 days in reconciliation. The training included bible study on reconciliation, facilitation skills, conflict theory and active listening skills that gave them the tools they need to be reconcilers in their own community. The training delivered will also enable the trainees to train others with the hope that they can bring peace and reconciliation to their communities.

The training went really well and the group were very engaged and enthusiastic about learning from us. We are very thankful to Bishop Eraste, Bishop of Bujumbura, for inviting us to Bujumbura and Dean Jean Marie of the Cathedral for hosting us while we were there. We are also extremely grateful for Rev Canon Israel who has worked tirelessly with us to make this project happen.

While we were in Burundi we also met with CCN members Cord and New Generation. This was a good opportunity to see the great work that they do in Burundi. Canon Sarah and I were inspired and encouraged by them in the work that they do to bring peace and reconciliation.

The entire trip for Canon Sarah and I really reminded us that the work of the Reconciliation Ministry here at Coventry Cathedral and the CCN around the world is vitally important and it reinvigorated our commitment to the work that we do in peace and reconciliation.

Cerys Smith, UK Reconciliation Intern at Coventry Cathedral

CCN Thought for the Week for 20th July – Burundi Update!
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