Calling churches and partners across the CCN! On Sunday 29th September, and the last Sunday in September each year thereafter, we’ll be helping our worship and reconciling communities across the world to give some special focus to the CCN,  to go back to why they became involved in the network, and how they can strengthen connections with other partners.

All of our partners pray the Litany of Reconciliation regularly. This however is a chance to go a little deeper, and reaffirm a commitment to the core of the reason for belonging.

“The CCN gives us the unique opportunity to (be reconcilers) in a network. It is so uplifting to be part of a wider group that also cares about reconciliation. The CCN is such a great variety of institutions and people – there is so much to learn from each other. Our new Cross of Nails Sunday is a chance to feel part of the great community, to recommit, and to pray for and with each other.”(Dr Oliver Schuegraf, Chair of the German board of the CCN)

So, what does Cross of Nails Sunday involve? We have a suggested short Liturgy  which can be used as part of your regular Sunday worship. We will have some sermon notes available in the coming months which you are welcome to tap into, and videos and interviews forthcoming (view the first one here) that you can use. Lastly we would encourage you to reach out to those involved in reconciliation projects in your own church community (if it’s not those reading this!), and give them some prominence in the service – highlight what fantastic work they are doing in Jesus’s name!

More information is on the Cross of Nails Sunday page which will have more added in the coming months, and we would welcome any ideas that you have and suggestions for what would help your community celebrate Cross of Nails Sunday – please do get in touch if so!

“Reconciliation is at the heart of the Gospel. The CCN reminds us that the Gospel calls us to reach out to one another no matter whom, or what their creed or beliefs are.”  (Revd Robert Childers, President of the North America board)

With our blessings,

Alice Farnhill, Community of the Cross of Nails Project Officer

CCN Thought for the Week for 17th May – highlighting Cross of Nails Sunday on 29th September!
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