In a shorter Thought this week, we asked a few of our visitors from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, who were with us on a visit up from their annual week in Canterbury, this week, to let us know their thoughts on their visit to Coventry. It’s always so interesting to hear the impact that Coventry has on people, and Berkeley students are familiar with the Litany of Reconciliation but for all in this group, this was a first time to Coventry itself. And here are some thoughts from some of the seniors in the group:

“Being at Coventry Cathedral made me think of the paradoxes we hold together in Christian life – death and resurrection, sin and repentance, joy and sorrow – and how they are bound together in forgiveness. Coventry holds the past in tender-hearted forgiveness while offering a balm to those of us in the present. I found it to be a deeply healing place”.

Jasmine Bostock

“The transition from death and destruction into resurrection was just so moving. The resurrection window/doors were the gateway into resurrection into a holy space. The moment of real understanding the resurrection was turning from the high altar back toward the resurrection window. It was a transformational moment”.

Marilyn Jenkins

“Seeing the place and learning more fully the story of the Litany of Reconciliation that we pray in our community each Friday morning as a part of the daily office at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale was very powerful. It helped me to gain further understanding of the history and of the community of people committed to reconciliation around the globe”.

Holly Clark



CCN Thought for the Week for 16th March – Berkeley Divinity School at Yale
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