Standing with Cuba in the Days after the Storm

Cuba, like other parts of the Caribbean, had never seen such a powerful storm.  Hurricane Irma stalled over the northern central coast of Cuba for two full days in September, 2017 with Category Five winds.  Cuba takes pride with its disaster preparedness, yet this storm took the lives of ten souls.  Even Havana, at the western edge of the storm, experienced massive flooding when the iconic sea wall was breached, leaving citizens to paddle through the streets in makeshift rafts.


With two of our Cross of Nails partners in Episcopal Churches – the first Baptist partner will receive a cross in 2018 – we are partnered with the Friends of the Episcopal Church at  for the Community of the Cross of Nails to receive donations to help provide food and shelter to those most impacted along the northern coast.


Cuba after Hurricane Irma

Members of the CCN in North America are planning to visit Cuba in the coming months, with Canon Sarah Hills joining us along with other CCN partners from Germany and South Africa.  Our hope is to, in a simple and humble way, begin to heal some of the wounds of history between Cuba and U.S. – nations and peoples separated by the Cold War, family distance, and mutual distrust.  The first part of the experience will be centered in the ‘Little Havana’ section of Miami.  Our intention is to meet with Cuban Americans of different generations whose lives were and continue to be impacted by the 1959 Cuban Revolution and subsequent waves of hundreds of thousands of Cuba émigrés to the U.S.


Mark B. Pendleton

President, CCN-North America

CCN Thought for the Week for 13th October – Mark Pendleton
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