We would love to talk to you about welcoming your organisation into the Community of the Cross of Nails.

Join our network pic Burundi 2009The Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN) is a Christian network of churches, charities, training organisations, chaplaincies and schools who, drawn together by the story of Coventry Cathedral, share a common commitment to working and praying for peace, justice and reconciliation.

We live by these three key priorities:

  • Healing the wounds of history
  • Learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity
  • Building a culture of peace

Hear more about the CCN this radio interview with Dean John during his trip to present a Cross of Nails to Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, BC, Canada in June 2019.

We are an organic network of partners with no centralised structure, although we operate under the authority and direction of Coventry Cathedral, its Dean and chapter. Day to day policy and programme development is led by the Dean and CCN Project Officer, both based at Coventry. We nurture our commitment to working and praying for peace, justice and reconciliation among our network through mutual support, fellowship, occasional joint action and the invitation to a common discipline in the Coventry Way.

Our Fellowship is expressed through:

  • Maintaining links, sharing news and other regular communication with one another – this can be whether one to one, through our social media networks or through our regional or national CCN networks, or of course all three!
  • Participating in regional or national co-ordinating groups (boards or committees) where these cover your area, and international gatherings every few years.
  • Praying for one another and for the issues that members face – you may like to use our Prayer Diary which features all members.
  • Contributing towards the general work of CCN, and to its Partner and Bursary funds.

You are invited to read our mission statement Growing Together in Hope.

Applying to Join

Applicants from Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, South Africa and Central and Eastern Europe should first make contact with the chairs of the national networks in these countries either before, or alongside, contacting Coventry: they will assist you with information and introduce you to others in your area. 

Applicants are normally organisations which have been established for some time, and we do need the decision to join to have been approved by the Board or Committee which runs the organisation.

We ask all those wishing to join to send us a written application (you are welcome to use this CCN Application Form ) which:

  1. Shows how your organisation reflects the three priorities of the CCN (above) in its life and priorities;
  2. Provides evidence of how this is related to your active ministry, prayer life or work;
  3. Where possible, provides commendation for your reconciliation ministry from existing CCN Partners or senior Christian leaders with knowledge of your work.

We ask all those applying to join the CCN that they nurture their relationship with Coventry, and try to visit us during one of our twice-yearly pilgrimages, if possible, before joining or during the process of joining.

We ask also that members pray the Litany of Reconciliation regularly.

The CCN International Board will review your application and issue the formal invitation to become a CCN Partner, and then arrange for the presentation of your Cross of Nails. This normally takes place during a visit from a senior member of Coventry Cathedral and at an appropriate event or service. The Coventry representative may speak or preach and a Liturgy for receiving a Cross of Nails will be provided. Each cross presented is blessed at a Coventry Cathedral service before being sent with the prayers of the Cathedral community for the new CCN Partner.


We invite all new Partners who are able to, to pay a joining fee of £250 to the central CCN partner fund, which includes the cost of the Cross of Nails itself. There are currently no other ongoing fees to Coventry, although some of the national boards within the global CCN (Germany, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK & Ireland, Asia, South Africa and Central & Eastern Europe) have their own membership rates.

We also ask new CCN Partners to meet the return travel costs from Coventry, and accommodation on arrival. Financial assistance may be available from the Partner Bursary Fund.

You are welcome to add any other information which you think may be useful to us in getting to know you and your commitment to reconciliation, and we are always very happy to keep in touch and assist you, if helpful, throughout the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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