On 26th September 2021, across the world our partners will join us in celebrating Cross of Nails Sunday.

It’s an opportunity for all worship communities involved with the CCN to pray together as one body, and a chance for us all to reconnect our communities with why the CCN matters, why Coventry still inspires, and where the parallels with our own stories lie. At Coventry Cathedral we will be blessing four Crosses of Nails for four new partners, presenting one of them to new partner the Third Order of the Society of St Francis,  and introducing our new volunteer interns, so it will be a joyous occasion!

The central element of Cross of Nails Sunday is a short segment in each partner church’s main Sunday worship service on that day, plus prayers, readings, hymns and other music, and/or talks from those locally whose work in reconciliation inspires, or about which people need reminding.

Each year a different member national board leads the service; this year’s service is led by the CCN USA board of partners.

How can I take part? 

Watch the CCN Sunday recorded service below, and/or view and download the Liturgy for CCN Sunday 2021 . It is intended as a guide, to form a part of your service that day, and you can therefore incorporate it, or part of it, and/or any part of the film into your regular Sunday service. The film can of course be shared online and on your church social media on the day as well, or instead if that works better.


Our USA partners have long supported the work of the CCN via, among other ways, our volunteer internships. These typically offer a place for, in the US case, one young person from the USA who has interests that suit, to come to Coventry Cathedral and work with us across a broad range of our ministry for six months to a year at a time, and live in community at the Cathedral with 1-2 other volunteer interns from other countries (usually Germany and the UK).  Covid-19 and a few other factors have put a temporary stop to the US internship, but we very much hope to build these up again soon!  Watch our most recent US intern, Stacy Nelson, who was with us until summer 2019, in conversation with Robert Childers, CCN USA Board President, about their respective times at Coventry several decades apart, and the influence that this had on their lives subsequently:


Do check our Thought for the week listings to get a flavour of the breadth of our partner organisations and their work. And we still love this wonderful and inspiring video from Bishop Michael Oulton and St George’s Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario, first published the year they joined the network, in 2017, which sums up how special a connecting force the CCN is:



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