school-visitWe aim to give memorable, interactive, educational and fun days out for school children from an array of diverse ethnic groups and cultures across the West Midlands and bordering counties. We welcomed approximately 14,000 children to the Cathedral in the past academic year; the majority of these have been on school trips.

Despite the overall trend in schools to fund fewer external visits, Coventry Cathedral has become incredibly popular with teachers and children alike. One teacher referred to the Cathedral as “top of my list of places to visit” and another said “staff, students and guests all left wreathed in smiles and full of how wonderful the experience had been”. Ultimately children form lasting memories and impressions which positively impact upon their educational experience.

These visits are popular because children are given the freedom to be creative, learning through acting, painting, exploring and storytelling in a way that is not possible in the classroom. We have seen that children benefit from the freedom to investigate a site rich in history and art the likes of which they may never have seen before. Furthermore, teachers gain a new way to engage their children in history, art, religious studies, mathematics and citizenship in ways they could not on their own at school and simultaneously fulfil the national curriculum learning outcomes criteria.

How you can help
The Cathedral struggles to afford to support the cost of these visits as its Schools’ Team is stretched both in terms of finances and personnel. This is especially distressing as we wish to provide new initiatives to engage the next generation.

We have seen the success of this ministry and we wish to continue positively affecting children’s lives through it. However, we rely on public donations in order to continue providing this experience for children and young people.