windowOur Vision

‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, and has entrusted to us the ministry of reconciliation.’ (2 Corinthians 5.18)

Reconciliation, reconciliation, reconciliation

Our vision is of a reconciled and reconciling Cathedral which is open and welcoming to all, which serves to glorify God in our worship, and reaches out to the world in our ministry of reconciliation. Our vision is also for a sufficiently robust resource base that we are able to be creative in our activity, confident that we have sufficient financial and human resources to deliver our vision without compromise.

Our heritage and our future are rooted in the words of Jesus Christ, ‘Father forgive’, used by Provost Dick Howard on 15th November 1940 in the Cathedral ruins. Our calling is to be a people and place of reconciliation, one that marks us out in English cathedrals as having a unique role. It is this calling, embodied as it is in the architecture of the Cathedral, ruined and rebuilt, which provides the core rationale for our life and mission.

The importance of our location is the way in which it embodies our mission. Hence our emphasis on ‘Reconciliation, reconciliation, reconciliation’. The whole life of the cathedral is caught up and expressed in our work as a Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. We invite you to discover the part you can play in taking this vision forward.

Our Values

We will be known as much for our Values as our Vision. As we pursue the aims listed above, these provide a touchstone for our common life, expressed both in private and in public. In our common life, we value:

  • Hospitality – of both people and ideas
  • Diversity – embracing and welcoming difference in practising Reconciliation
  • Excellence – always reaching beyond our present practice and experience
  • Faith and Spirituality – being open to the challenge and resources of God
  • Art and Creativity – expressing the life of God amongst us in ways beyond words
  • Risk Taking – confidently stepping out of the familiar in the service of God
Our Strategic Plan

Click here to download our five year strategic plan, which we put together in 2017.

Come and be inspired by the Knife Angel, which will be here until early May.