Creating safe space

reconciliation-statueOur long history in the international work of peace and reconciliation dates back to medieval times. However it was just over 70 years ago when the Cathedral Church of St Michael’s was bombed by the Luftwaffe on 14th November 1940 that the then Provost laid the foundation for the work you see here today by calling for forgiveness and reconciliation and the building of a more Christ-like world.

Reconciliation courses – beginning in June 2015

The growth of reconciliation and conflict transformation at Coventry Cathedral has been remarkable. We are looking to extend our practical commitment to it. This is because we believe that reconciliation, conflict prevention and resolution – indeed conflict transformation as a whole – is of huge benefit for our society. We are delighted that Archbishop Justin Welby has made Coventry Cathedral the place through which his own priority of reconciliation is routed, and we are hugely grateful for his backing for our work.

Our first mediation training course will is on the 10th – 12th June in St Michael’s House.

This course will equip participants with practical skills. It will set mediation in its context. The underlying theology of mediation and reconciliation will be covered. There will be the opportunity for role playing in mediation.

We believe the three day course will enable course members to face conflict with more composure themselves, rather than avoid it or hope it goes away. We hope it will help them to manage the resolution of disputes – whether in their parishes or deaneries; or, if they are head teachers or chairs of governors, in their schools; or as managers or leaders in other organisations.

St Michael’s House, just next to the Cathedral, is a place in which conflicts are managed, or conversations facilitated, and we are committed to increasing this activity too. We would like Coventry to be a main port of call for dioceses or others seeking a place where disputes can be aired or settled, in preference to litigation.

To provide courses and to build a dispute resolution capability requires us to appeal for funds to do it. We need to raise funds of £100,000. We will provide the necessary infrastructure to do both these things – for training and dispute resolution. This is seed capital in fact, and we would so much like it to include some provision for bursaries, so that those who would like to attend a course will not be prevented from doing so for lack of funds.

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The Community of the Cross of Nails

During the 1970s we set up a network of partners in reconciliation, called the Community of the Cross of Nails. There are now CCN partners all over the world.  Over the past 40 years we have been involved in helping to bring peace and reconciliation to some of the most violent places on earth – in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Iraq, Nigeria, Israel/Palestine and the southern states of the US.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has chosen reconciliation as one of his three top priorities for the Church of England. To that end he has established a new worldwide centre for reconciliation, which will be the base for all the Anglican Communion’s work in this area, covering more than 165 countries. The work is focused on seeking reconciliation in the church, in wider society, and between different faiths, ethnic groups and nations. That centre is Coventry Cathedral.

To grasp this opportunity and meet what is being asked of us we are developing a dedicated facility where this worldwide centre can have its headquarters. We are doing this by turning St Michael’s House, the former Deanery, into a purpose-built facility for teaching, conferences and research. We need donations like yours to complete this work so that we can continue to be effective peace-builders in our needy world.

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