educationOur Schools Team does a variety of work with children, organising activities and tours for school visits to the Cathedral, arranging themed activity weeks based around subjects such as the Blitz or our artwork.

They also manage the International Cross of Nails Schools (ICONS) programme which aims to bring together schools from all over the world, including Israel/Palestine, South Africa, the USA and Britain. Our aim is to create a culture of peace and reconciliation and to break down walls of prejudice and misunderstanding. This is done by encouraging students to share experiences and step into the shoes of others. Sharing best practice between schools is also a major part of ICONS.

We are determined to continue investing in each generation of young people and are seeking to build a more tolerant society whilst giving joy to the children of Coventry and the West Midlands as they learn and explore in creative, active and new ways.

All three areas of our education service are currently being severely held back. The shortage of funds means that sadly redundancies have had to be made and we now have just one full-time employee whose work depends on a dedicated but hard-pressed group of part-time volunteers.

Despite these difficult times we have a vibrant vision to expand these areas of work. You can learn more about this by clicking on the links above. We will not, however, be able to sustain our current work – let alone fulfil our ambitions for the future – without donations like yours.

More details about ‘ICON’ schools

More details about school visits

More details about activity weeks

The Knife Angel is here! It arrived on Thursday March 14th and will be here until after Easter.