Boy choristers singing with a visiting choir at a special concert
Boy choristers singing with a visiting choir at a special concert

Choir scholarships are central to ensuring the survival of a thriving cathedral choir in any setting but especially here in Coventry.

Our 60 choristers are particularly reliant upon financial support as since 1976 they have not been enrolled at a single fee paying choir school as is the case for most English cathedral choristers, something which almost always sets the bar at a level where there is a considerable degree of financial stability amongst choir families.

In contrast here at Coventry Cathedral entrance has been opened up to all children attending schools within the city.

The Cathedral made this decision nearly forty years ago because of our commitment to encouraging participation by young people from all social settings and our distinct belief that no child with the required level of talent and ability should be barred from developing that talent and pursuing a choral education because of their financial background.

This decision means that our choristers come from a diverse array of financial and cultural backgrounds. Many of these children therefore not only benefit from but actually rely on these scholarships in order to be able to pursue what is often seen elsewhere as an elitist and expensive avocation for the privileged few.

How you can help

It has been calculated that in order to be fully supported each chorister needs a £1,000 scholarship per year. Theses scholarships provide for a subsidy towards rehearsals and training sessions four times a week, instrument lessons, a contribution to the maintenance of Cathedral instruments and a small bursary to incentivise discipline and attendance, reward their commitment and cover their expenses. It ultimately ensures that they can sustain their musical education and development, and participate in major, often televised, performances at home and abroad and the Cathedral can maintain its part in releasing the talent of the next generation.

The Cathedral can no longer afford to maintain let alone build this scholarship fund with all its other commitments without external financial support.

Please help us to recruit the very best choristers regardless of their background and remove a handicap to a superb choral education.

(Donated sums are not allocated to one individual but spread evenly amongst all choristers so that a sum of £6,000 donated to the ministry for example is divided and £100 worth of scholarship is given to each chorister.)

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