We’re very much hoping that the weather will improve and so the Service of Thanskgiving for Cyrille Regis MBE is currently scheduled to go ahead at 4 pm on Sunday March 4th. Not everyone who has a ticket is likely to be able to use it – so we anticipate that there will be sufficient seating for anyone who would like to come. Please spread the news!

The service will be led by the Dean of Coventry and include tributes from some of Cyrille’s football team-mates, including Brendon Batson and Greg Downs. It will also include contributions from the Archbishop of York, the Lord Mayor of Coventry, the Bishop of Coventry and Cyrille’s family.

Those providing the music for the service will include the Boy Choristers of the Cathedral Choir, Mark Beswick, Sandra Godley and Neville Staple.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said: “Cyrille was a man who lived out the teaching of Jesus to love God and to love our neighbour. In spite of the abuse and threats Cyrille never retaliated and remained a role model not just for young black sportsmen and women but for all. His faith in God was lived out in the way that he treated others. He will be deeply missed. May his dwelling place in Paradise be a place of joy and laughter!”

Councillor Tony Skipper, the Lord Mayor of the City of Coventry, said: “Cyrille Regis gave so much to football in this country and was an inspiration to many – this is Coventry’s chance to say thank you. It will be wonderful to gather together his family, friends, former colleagues and supporters to celebrate his life and achievements.”

The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry, added: “It is a great honour for the Cathedral to be able to mark Cyrille’s contribution to football in Coventry, the West Midlands and nationally, and to be able to celebrate the way he managed not only to influence so many individual lives but also helped to re-shape our culture’s attitude to race on and off the field.”


Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Cyrille Regis MBE