A peace patch, over 5 metres wide, has been displayed in Coventry Cathedral during these last few weeks. It’s a powerful way of challenging the darkness which has threatened to overshadow our nation in recent months.

The patchwork is made up of over 1800 badges representing schools from around the UK, demonstrating that these schools stand by a pledge for peace and reconciliation.

Under the banner of Olympic Truce which dates back to the original games in the 9th century BC, Sharnbrook Academy Federation joined the Pilgrim Learning Trust to coordinate this project and create the banner.

By sending their school badge these communities – representing over one million children and staff –  are demonstrating that they are working to be active peacemakers in our society and that they firmly stand against the compelling but ultimately destructive responses of revenge and hatred.

Whether we find our inspiration in Provost Howard’s words in 1940 urging us to “seek a more Christ-child like world”, or the words of Justin Bieber in 2017 at the ‘One Manchester’ concert “Love always wins – fight evil with love” we can each do our part.

Please do come and visit the Cathedral to see the peace patch and add your thoughts and reflections to the Cathedral’s book of remembrance.

Come and see our peace patch…