Kiel Candle stand 1Coventry Cathedral has a proud record of working to build bridges across Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War. We have learnt the value of improved international understanding. Whilst this is a political and structural decision we are confident that we can still continue the important work to bring nations together and celebrate our shared history.

We know that this decision will leave many people with strong emotions, and we are opening a special place for prayer in the Cathedral, which will remain available over the weekend for any who wish to bring their hopes and fears into a place which speaks of God’s presence in the midst of a broken world. At 12.00 today we will be holding, as always, the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation in the Ruins of the old Cathedral. This short, and simple, act is open to all who want to share in a prayer and commitment for a peace and hope filled future for us all.

The place of prayer in the Cathedral will be gathered around the Kiel candle stand, made and given to us only two weeks ago by young students from our very first twin city. Designed with candleholders for each of the victims, and perpetrators, of the London 7/7 bombings it is a fitting sign of our enduring commitments to sharing together in building a community and future for us all.

Click here to read the Bishop of Coventry’s response to the referendum result.

A Prayer

Eternal God, Light of the nations,
in Christ you make all things new:
guide our nation in the coming days through the inspiration of your Spirit,
that understanding may put an end to discord and all bitterness.
Give us grace to rebuild bonds of trust
that together we may work for the dignity and flourishing of all;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A Litany

Holy God, in whom we live and move and have our being,
we make our prayer to you, saying,
Hear us, Lord of life.
Lord, graciously hear us.

Guide our nation in the days and months ahead
to walk the paths of peace and reconciliation.
Hear us, Lord of life.
Lord, graciously hear us.

Give to our leaders wisdom and sensitivity
to work for unity and the common good.
Hear us, Lord of life.
Lord, graciously hear us.

Mend broken relationships
and restore to wholeness whatever has been damaged by heated debate.
Hear us, Lord of life.
Lord, graciously hear us.

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful
and lift up all who are dejected.
Hear us, Lord of life.
Lord, graciously hear us.

With you, Lord, is the well of life
and in your light do we see light.

Hear us, Lord of life and peace:
and make us whole.

Lord our God,
accept the prayers of your people
and in your mercy look with compassion upon our nation,
for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.

EU Referendum Result

The Ruins will be closed from 16th Dec – 23rd Dec and 30th – 31st Dec for SUNRISE

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