urban-landscapeA new exhibition, Re-thinking the Urban Landscape, is to open this week in Coventry Cathedral, featuring Eastside Park in Birmingham alongside London’s 2012 Olympic Park and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

Showcasing over 40 transformative contemporary landscape projects, the exhibition highlights the importance of investing in green infrastructure if our cities and urban centres are to become more liveable, healthy and safe places to live and work. It will demonstrate how a landscape-led approach to development can offer sustainable solutions to the big challenges facing contemporary urban society.

Eastside was the first new park in the city in 130 years and is a linear park at the heart of the regeneration of Birmingham Eastside. It consists of a series of notional ‘rooms’ that are intended to be part of the city’s network of public spaces. The main spaces in the park are City Park Square and the eastern and western formal lawns, all linked by the spine path. It was shortlisted for the Landscape Institute’s annual awards in 2014.

The free exhibition ‘Re-thinking the Urban Landscape’ opens at Coventry Cathedral on 8 June and will run until 21 June 2016.

Speaking about the exhibition Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute, said:

“Proper land use is now becoming a matter of urgency, with concerns such as the housing crisis, flooding, public health and even food shortages coming to the fore. This exhibition is about highlighting the urgent need for a landscape-led approach to our towns and cities.

Landscape architects are able to find solutions from within the natural landscape, avoiding highly engineered responses and ultimately creating schemes that are more sustainable, better-designed and nicer to live in.”


Visit www.landscapeinstitute.org for more information.

June 8th-21st – Re-thinking the Urban Landscape