Wednesday 1st April 2015

Good Morning. Welcome to Coventry Cathedral. An extraordinary place. A story you can't ignore.

Other sermons and talks

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February 2015

11/02/2015 Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Penny Lacey John Witcombe text

January 2015

24/01/2015 Service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity John Witcombe text
11/01/2015 Thanksgiving for Volunteers Evensong (Ps 46, Isaiah 42.1-9, Ephesians 2.1-10) John Witcombe text

November 2014

09/11/2014 Remembrance Sunday (Ps 82, Judges 7.2-22, John 15.9-17) Stephen Fielding text

September 2014

28/09/2014 Michael and All Angels (Ps 138, Daniel 10.4-end, Revelation 5) Kathryn Fleming text
14/09/2014 The Installation & Collation of the Reverend Dr Sarah Hills as Canon Residentiary and Canon for Reconciliation Ministry (Numbers 21.4-9, Philippians 2.6-11 Sarah Hills text

June 2014

29/06/2014 The Ordination of Deacons (Matthew 16.13-19) Cornelia Kulawik text
28/06/2014 The Ordination of Priests (Matthew 16.13-19) Cornelia Kulawik text

May 2014

31/05/2014 The Installation & Collation of the Reverend Kathryn Fleming as Canon Residentiary and Pastor (Zephaniah 3.14-18, Luke 1.38-49 Kathryn Fleming text
29/05/2014 Ascension Day - Glimpses of Glory (Ephesians 1.15-23, Luke 24.44-53) John Witcombe text

April 2014

20/04/2014 Angels Dancing John Witcombe text
17/04/2014 Maundy Thursday (Exodus 12, John 13) Ricarda Witcombe text

March 2014

30/03/2014 Sin and Grace (Micah 7, James 5) John Witcombe text

February 2014

22/02/2014 The Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Nijmegen John Witcombe text

January 2014

19/01/2014 Solemn Evensong celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Ps 96, Micah 6.1-8, Luke 24.13-34) Archbishop Bernard Longley text

November 2013

24/11/2013 Choral Evensong for Christ the King (Ps 72.1-7, 1 Samuel 8.4-20, John 18.33-37) John Witcombe text

October 2013

13/10/2013 Coventry Cathedral: an emerging vision (Nehemiah 6.1-16, John 15.12-27) John Witcombe text

September 2013

29/09/2013 Patronal Festival (Daniel 10.4-21, Revelation 5) John Witcombe text

July 2013

28/07/2013 ‘Fire in Coventry’ (Ephesians 2.19-22; 3.14-21; John 15.9-17) David Stone, at St Nicholas, Kenilworth text
23/07/2013 The Funeral of Bishop Colin Bennetts (Luke 24.13-35) John Stroyan text

June 2013

29/06/2013 Armed Forces Day 2013 (Isaiah 11.6-9; Ephesians 6.10-18) John Witcombe text
02/06/2013 Choral Evensong celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Joshua 1.1-9; Romans 13.1-10) John Witcombe text

May 2013

12/05/2013 ‘Remember Our Child’ Annual Service (Revelation 21.1-4, John 10.22-30) John Witcombe

April 2013

27/04/2013 Mothers’ Union Provincial Service (Acts 13.44-end, John 14.7-14) John Witcombe

‘Faith in Conflict’ Conference

26/02/2013 ‘The Exasperating Patience of God’ Sam Wells audio | text
26/02/2013 Bill Marsh interviews the Revd Tory Baucum and Bishop Shannon Johnston audio
27/02/2013 ‘The Habits of Conflict Resilience’ Jo Bailey Wells audio | text
28/02/2013 ‘Resilient Tents of Meeting’ Jo Bailey Wells audio | text
28/02/2013 ‘The Crooked, Straight Path of Reconciliation’ Justin Welby audio | text

Further downloads and transcriptions will be placed here as they become available.


March 2013

24/03/2013 Palm Sunday (Ps 69.1-20, Isaiah 5.1-7, Luke 20.9-19) John Witcombe text

February 2013

13/02/2013 Short Address in the Frauenkirche, Dresden John Witcombe text
13/02/2013 The Liturgy for Ash Wednesday (Isaiah 58.1-12, John 8.1-11) John Stroyan, Bishop of Warwick text
10/02/2013 Choral Evensong on Quinquagesima (Exodus 3.1-6; John 12.27-36a) John Witcombe text

January 2013

20/01/2013 Dean’s First Choral Evensong (1 Samuel 3.1-20, Ephesians 4.1-16) John Witcombe text
19/01/2013 Dean’s Installation (Isaiah 61.1-4, Matthew 5.1-12) John Witcombe text

Celebration and Thanksgiving for the Golden Jubilee Festival

Click here for the text of the address given by Festival Director Michael Foster at a special service of Choral Evensong on 13 January 2013.

BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship

Click here for the text of the address given by the Canon Precentor during the service broadcast live on Radio 4 on 14th October 2012.

Golden Jubilee Service

Click here for the sermon preached by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the special service on 25th May 2012 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Cathedral's consecration.

Talks for Holy Week 2012

given by the Bishop of Warwick

02/04/2012 “The whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6.3) - Matter Matters text
03/04/2012 “As lambs among wolves” (Luke 10.3) - Vulnerable Witness text
04/04/2012 “For with you is the fountain of life. In your light we see light” (Psalm 36.9) - His Life In Us text

Bystanders at the Cross - Lent Talks 2012

Richard Cooke’s Talks and details of the music introduced by Helen McGowan

27/02/2012 Week 1: Introduction text
27/02/2012 Week 1: Mark text
05/03/2012 Week 2: Matthew text
12/03/2012 Week 3: Luke text
19/03/2012 Week 4: John text
26/03/2012 Week 5: Paul text

Paul Wignall’s poems

27/02/2012 Week 1: A Death in the Desert text
05/03/2012 Week 2: The Little Fishie text
12/03/2012 Week 3: Court Report text
19/03/2012 Week 4: Shavuot text
26/03/2012 Week 5: Benedicite text

Friends’ Festival Choral Evensongs

25/09/2011 Revelation 5 Christopher Lamb text
24/09/2011 Coventry Cathedral 1962-2012 (John 20.11-18) Michael Sadgrove text

Lent Series: Mission in a Secular and Spiritual Age

11/04/2011 4: Making Disciples Martin Robinson audio | study notes
04/04/2011 3: Spirituality “yes”, religion “no” Martin Robinson audio | study notes
28/03/2011 2: The Church is not the Issue! Martin Robinson audio | study notes
21/03/2011 1: 'Europe - the exceptional case' Martin Robinson audio | study notes

A Celebration of the Ministry of Readers

29/01/2011 Bishop John Stroyan text

25/12/09 Christmas Day (Isaiah 9.2-7, Luke 2.1-14) John Irvine text